Barr Flees Trump And Tries To Deny Involvement In Roger Stone Clemency

Attorney General William Barr is claiming that he recommended against clemency for Roger Stone and the DOJ had nothing to do with it.

CNBC reported:

Attorney General William Barr spoke with President Donald Trump about Roger Stone and recommended against granting him clemency, an administration official told NBC News.

Other White House officials were also opposed to Trump’s decision due to fears of political blowback, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The official also said that the Department of Justice had nothing to do with the president’s decision to commute Stone’s sentence on seven felony crimes, which occurred only four days before the 67-year-old Republican operative was set to start his 40 months in federal prison.

It is already known that Barr was involved in the Roger Stone case. In February, Barr changed Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendation, so of course, Barr was involved. He has been trying to do Trump’s bidding and get Roger Stone out of trouble for months.

The corrupt Attorney General doesn’t get to deny the actions of the corrupt president, because of blowback on him.

Barr is Trump’s DOJ minion, and he can’t pretend that he has integrity and independence when it has been demonstrated that he has neither.