Adam Schiff Blames Republicans For Virus Deaths Because They Didn’t Remove Trump

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff pointed out that one of the consequences of Republicans not convicting and removing Trump is 130,000 virus deaths.

Transcript of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff on ABC’s This Week

STEPHANOPOULOS: Of course, the other possible remedy is impeachment. I want to actually bring up a quote from James Madison, 1778, constitutional convention, talking about the president’s pardon power. He said: If the president be connected in any suspicious manner with any person and there be grounds to believe he will shelter him, the House of Representatives can impeach him. They can remove him if found guilty. Now, you said at the same issue, the Republicans now being opposed to impeachment. But is this an impeachable offense?

SCHIFF: It’s an impeachable offense if you abuse the pardon power to protect yourself from criminal liability. But again, George, if the Republicans won’t say a word, of course, they’re not going to vote to impeach and convict.

We already presented a case with overwhelming evidence and they refused to convict them. And, indeed, of course, during that impeachment, we warned that if they left him in office, knowing that he committed impeachable offenses, that the damage he could do between now and Election Day could be severe.

And here we are now, 130,000 Americans dead, we had no idea just how bad the damage would be. But nonetheless we knew the damage would be grave.

Video of Schiff:

According to the Trump Death Clock, Trump’s inaction on the pandemic has killed more than 80,000 Americans. There is no doubt that the death toll would have been lower with anyone else in the White House.

Chairman Schiff was right. The consequences of Senate Republicans putting protecting Trump ahead of what was best for the country have been more deadly than anyone could have imagined.

Mitch McConnell and his crew set the wheels in motion for hundreds of thousands of Americans to needlessly die.

It all could have been avoided if Republicans would have convicted and removed Donald Trump from office.

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