Lindsey Graham Just Made A Huge Mistake By Letting Mueller Testify

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will allow Robert Mueller to testify because he thinks he can discredit Mueller and help Trump, but he has made a big mistake.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have been trying to get Graham to allow Mueller to testify before their committee, and he has finally granted their request:

Graham isn’t breaking with Trump. With whispers growing that Graham’s seat could potentially be in play in South Carolina, The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman is allowing Mueller to testify as a Hail Mary to earn points with Republican voters in South Carolina while trying to help Trump by changing the subject away from the pandemic.

Sen. Graham thinks that he can steamroll Mueller, but the former special counsel might be free to say a lot more before the Senate now that his work is done, and he has no further ongoing obligations than he could when he testified before the House.

It is a massive blunder to put a giant spotlight on the Trump/Russia connection as Trump is actively soliciting election interference from foreign governments.

The fact that Graham is willing to take this risk shows how dire the situation is for Trump and the Republicans. The odds are that Mueller’s testimony will backfire on Graham and cause more damage to Trump and his fading reelection prospects.

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