Trump Adviser Loses It And Declares Biden A Chinese Communist Candidate


Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro spread his racist coronavirus conspiracy theory and declared Joe Biden the candidate of the Chinese Communist Party.

Navarro said on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, “We were cruising along until the Chinese Communist Party basically hit us with that deadly virus, that weaponized virus, and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that that first year that China had a down economy is the same year now that they are coming after us in all sorts of ways, and Joe Biden is the candidate of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Video via Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo:


Navarro has been spreading a vile and racist conspiracy about the pandemic for weeks on cable television.

The Trump campaign is really going to with the nonsense that Joe Biden is a radical leftist communist, even though Donald Trump asked the Chinese communists for help in the 2020 election, and didn’t want to say anything bad about China as the virus spread.

Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the Chinese government. China wants Trump to win because he has weakened the United States.

China funneled money into Trump PACs to support his reelection.

The candidate of communists and authoritarians everywhere isn’t Joe Biden. It’s Donald Trump.

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