Biden and Trump are Neck-and-Neck in Three States Trump Won in 2016


According to new CBS News/YouGov polls, President Donald Trump and his opponent, former vice president Joe Biden, are neck-and-neck in three states Trump won in 2016. All three states are dominating headlines as the nation’s current epicenters for the novel coronavirus.

In Arizona, a state Trump won by four points in 2016, he and Biden are tied (46 percent to 46 percent). In Florida, which Trump won by a point in 2016, Biden leads him by four points (46 percent to 42 percent). And in Texas, Trump leads Biden by just a single point (46 percent to 45 percent). The results out of Texas indicate it will be a swing state in this year’s election. Should it flip from Republican to Democrat, it would mark the first time Democrats have won the state in the general election since 1976.

“Texas has gotten progressively more competitive during Trump’s time as a candidate and officeholder,” observes CNN analyst Harry Enten. “A big statewide victory has eluded Democrats, though many races have come within single digits for the first time in a generation. In fact, the state seemed, if anything, to move to the left in 2018, as Democrats were able to achieve wins in some key congressional races. A Biden win would be a manifestation of that trend on the statewide level.”


Nationally, Biden has a 10 point lead compared to Hillary Clinton’s two-point popular vote win in 2016.

Those who participated in the CBS/YouGov polls say their states were allowed to reopen their respective economies too soon, an action that led to spikes in coronavirus infections. Most voters––69 percent in Arizona; 65 percent in Florida; and 62 percent in Texas––believe efforts to contain the virus are failing. Support for Biden has also increased as concern grows about the coronavirus.