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Ted Cruz Under Investigation For Not Wearing A Mandatory Mask On Flight

American Airlines has announced that they are investigating Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) after he was caught not wearing a mandatory mask on a flight.

Here is Cruz on the flight with no mask:

Here is the American Airlines mask policy and Sen. Cruz outside of the gate with no mask:

American Airlines has stated that they are investigating the incident, while Sen. Cruz’s office claimed that he was following the policy:

Cruz went the entire flight without a mask:

American Airlines has banned other passengers for refusing to wear a mask on a flight, but nothing was done as Ted Cruz violated the policy and flew without a mask.

When Sen. Cruz or any other person decides not to wear a mask, they are not only potentially harming themselves, they could also sicken or kill the people around them. It is their height of irresponsibility not to wear a mask when flying.

If American Airlines is going to ban other, non-famous, passengers for not wearing a mask, they must also ban Sen. Ted Cruz for ignoring their policy and risking the lives and health of American’s employees and other customers.

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Jason Easley

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