Trump Election Rigging Backfires As GOP Pollster Shows Him With 15% Of Swing State Mail Vote


Trump’s attacks on mail-in voting are working on his own party. A GOP pollster found Republicans only getting 15% of the mail-in vote in a swing state.

Glen Bolger tweeted:


Trump has created a huge problem for Republicans. Many swing state Republican Parties count on mail-in or absentee voting to build up a lead at the polls. The Republican Party, especially under Trump, skews older, and those voters benefit from voting by mail most of all.

Donald Trump has been railing against vote by mail for months, and what Republican strategists have been afraid of both nationally and at the state level was that the President’s attacks and misinformation would backfire and cause Republicans not to vote by mail.

It appears that is exactly what is happening in critical swing states. It happened during the Pennsylvania primary, and it is certain to happen elsewhere. Trump is attacking mail-in voting because he can’t win a large turnout election, but the vote that he is suppressing in November may turn out to be his own supporters.

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