Conservative Student Leader Says Voting for Trump is a “Betrayal” to the U.S.

In a video posted to the website of the group Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), Will Galloway, a political science student at Clemson University who chairs the South Carolina College Republicans, says voting for President Donald Trump this November would constitute a “betrayal” to the United States.

In the video, Galloway listed several of the president’s recent high-profile controversies as examples of his unfitness for office. Among them: The revelation that the president had been informed but failed to act on intelligence about Russian bounties being paid to Taliban militia to target American soldiers in Afghanistan. Galloway also defended Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading coronavirus expert, who the president has repeatedly attempted to impugn (a charge the White House fervently denies).

“That’s why I can’t vote for him in November, that’s why I would hope Republicans all over this country don’t vote for him in November,” Galloway said.

“It is not only antithetical to the kinds of conservatism and the kinds of principles and morals that inspired me to get involved in this movement, it’s antithetical to the principles of a free society,” he continued. “For too long we have all been too afraid to step up and to say anything about it, but now the time has come that there is no excuse not to and we have to get involved.”

Galloway concluded: “We have to say ‘enough is enough,’ that we are not going to have a president like this, that we are not going to have a betrayal of conservatism and we are not going to have a betrayal of this country.”

You can watch the video of Galloway’s remarks below.