Fox News Shreds Trump For Holding A Campaign Rally In The White House Rose Garden

Donald Trump stepped into the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday and tore into a campaign-style speech in which he lurched from one topic to the next without really ever forming a single coherent thought.

Trump was supposed to be discussing a Hong Kong-related executive order, but as PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted, the president instead treated the American people to another mental implosion.

Not only was the speech inappropriate given the setting, but the pseudo-rally was such a disaster that not even Fox News could spin it in the president’s favor.

“Had President Obama made this kind of speech from the Rose Garden, Republicans on Capitol Hill would likely have been up in arms,” said Fox’s Brett Baier.

In harsher terms, CNN’s Jim Acosta called out Trump for soiling the Rose Garden with his unhinged campaign speech.

Trump is running on empty

It was apparent since Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy back in 2015 that, even then, he was a few cards short of a full deck.

But over the course of this year as he has bungled one crisis after another – from the coronavirus pandemic to the economic crash to widespread backlash over systemic racism – his decline has accelerated.

The president’s inappropriate, “wildly dishonest” Rose Garden ramble on Tuesday was  just another attempt by Trump to seize control of his flailing reelection campaign.

All he ended up doing was reminding the American people that he is completely out of his mind and running on fumes with less than four months to go until Election Day.

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