Kayleigh McEnany: We Have to Use Science “In a Way That Is Not Political”


Kayleigh McEnany criticized the “political” use of science on Monday as criticism of the Trump administration’s handling of Coronavirus continues to grow.

The White House Press Secretary was asked about one of Donald Trump’s retweets that promoted a conspiracy theory about doctors lying to hurt the President.

“The President, with his intent in that retweet, expresses displeasure with the CDC, some rogue individuals leaking guidelines prematurely,” McEnany said.


“You had a 63-page plan that was leaked prematurely.  He believes that that misleads the American public when there are planning materials released that are not in their fullest form and their best form. ”

“So that’s what he was getting at.”

The tweet Trump shared:

“But overall, the notion of the tweet was to point out the fact that when we use science, we have to use it in a way that is not political,” she went on.

“When you had 1,300 health experts sign a letter not to condemn large crowds of protesters, but some same health experts say churches need to stay shut down, or lockdown protests somehow don’t get the same First Amendment rights as the protest that we saw on our streets,” McEnany said.

“We need to use science, lean into science, but not use it and cherry-pick it to fit whatever particular political persuasion is.”

Four former directors of the CDC published an op-ed on Tuesday condemning attacks on public health experts like the one Trump retweeted.

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