Roger Stone Hopes He Lives Long Enough to See Matt Gaetz Become President

Roger Stone has said he wants Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz to become president and he wants to live long enough to see it. Both men are major supporters of the President.

Stone gave an interview to Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday and spoke about the commutation of his sentence. He was convicted on seven charges and sentenced to three years in prison.

“I have deep, deep affection for Donald Trump because I’ve known him for 40 years,” Stone told Hannity.

“He’s a man of great justice and fairness, he’s a man of enormous courage.”

“He saved my life. And, at least on paper, he gave me a chance to fight for vindication.”

“I had a biased judge, I had a stacked jury, I had a corrupt jury forewoman,” Stone went on. Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has publicly defended Stone’s convictions.

Stone then thanked a number of people, including Hannity and another Fox News personality, Tucker Carlson.

“And also Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida who I hope to live long enough to see in the White House,” Stone said.

“They wanted me to be the ham in their ham sandwich because they knew the Mueller report, particularly on Russia, it was a dud. It was a goose egg.”

Gaetz, a staunch Trump supporter, recently made headlines for claiming Black Lives Matter want to commit “cultural genocide” – echoing a far-right conspiracy theory.

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