Trump Lies To Reporters And Stages A Fake Press Conference So He Can Have An Audience

Trump claimed that he would be holding a press conference, but after luring reporters to the White House, he is ranting like a campaign rally.


Reporters caught on to the con:

Jeff Zeleny of CNN tweeted:

There was never going to be a press conference. Trump’s Tulsa rallied flopped, and he had to cancel his New Hampshire rally due to low attendance. Trump wanted an audience and media attention, so the White House lied to reporters to give him what he wanted.

Trump has been ranting and raving like an unhinged person. He isn’t sticking to the topic, because there isn’t one.

Reporters can’t get up and leave in case he does start taking questions. Any reporter who walked out only to discover later that Trump took questions would risk being fired, but the longer Trump rambles, the clearer it becomes that there is no press conference.

Trump did eventually take a few handpicked questions, but in no way, shape, or form was this a press conference.

The White House once again lied to reporters, and if the press was smart, they would stop showing up to these sham events meant to do nothing but boost Trump’s ego.

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