In Press Conference Disaster, Trump Claims Florida Yard Signs Mean He’s Beating Biden


Trump claimed during his press conference, that the presence of a number of yard signs in Florida means that he is beating Joe Biden.

Trump said, “I think we have really good poll numbers. They’re not suppression polls. They’re real polls. You look at the intercoastal in Florida. You look at the lakes. You see thousands and thousands of boats with Trump signs, American signs. You’ve got the Trump/Pence signs. You look at bikers for miles and miles riding with their signs.”

Trump went on to claim that 2020 is just like 2016, even though they are completely different elections and he is running against a different opponent.



Pointing to yard signs, and bikers is the sort of desperate grasping for positive omens that losing candidates do. Trump couldn’t fill up a building red-state Oklahoma, and he had to cancel another rally in New Hampshire. The reality is that Trump is losing. 2020 isn’t 2016, and he is making a gigantic blunder by thinking that he can run the same election strategy and win.
Trump’s press conference was a rant filled disaster. It was really a campaign rally disguised as a press conference.

Trump is losing and the stench of desperation is only growing around his behavior.

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