As Trump Renews Attacks, New Lincoln Project Ad Asks If You Prefer Trump or Fauci

The Lincoln Project, a Republican anti-Trump super-PAC released a new ad asking viewers whether they trust President Donald Trump or Dr. Anthony Fauci on matters related to the novel coronavirus. The ad comes after reports revealed that the White House had sought to discredit and undermine Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, after his relationship with Trump deteriorated.

The ad’s narrator says “In a time when truth is under assault,” Fauci has “always been straight with us.” The ad includes a snippet of his March testimony before Congress warning that the pandemic would worsen. Additionally, the ad characterizes Fauci as an “American hero” and “natural leader,” citing his work under previous administrations. Former President George W. Bush’s praise for Fauci’s tireless research on AIDS is also highlighted.

“Now Donald Trump is attacking Dr. Fauci,” the narrator says. “Why? Because Trump failed America, so he does what he always does: attack and blame.”

The ad concludes: “So who do you trust? Donald the Dope? … Or the doctor?”

You can watch the ad below.

The Lincoln Project has launched a heavy ad campaign that should only intensify the closer the nation gets to November’s general election. The latest ad comes as the confirmed death toll from the novel coronavirus nears 140,000.

The White House has likened its treatment of Fauci to “opposition research.” Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden tweeted earlier this week that “Donald Trump needs to spend less time playing golf and more time listening to experts like Dr. Fauci.”