Biden Campaign: Taxpayers Should Be Reimbursed for Trump’s Rambling Rose Garden Speech


The Biden campaign has called Donald Trump’s Rose Garden speech a “sad affair” after the President used government property for a rambling campaign speech.

The former Vice President’s campaign responded to Trump’s attacks on him and even claimed that the American taxpayer is owed a refund for the use of the Rose Garden.

“Today’s statement that was ostensibly supposed to be about China, but there was one topic that President Trump couldn’t seem to get off his mind: Joe Biden, whose name the President invoked nearly 30 times,” said deputy campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield.


“What we heard in the Rose Garden today wasn’t a president at all,” she said.

“It was a politician who sees his re-election slipping away from him and who is furious that his own botched response to the Coronavirus pandemic has denied him the campaign events he so craves.”

“The American taxpayer should be reimbursed for the abuse of funds this spectacle represented,” Bedingfield said.

Trump took aim at Biden during the impromptu press conference and once again attacked the polls, which consistently show Biden leading nationally and in key swing states.

“Look, we won a race where it was the same thing in 2016. We had polls that were fake,” Trump said.

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