Oklahoma Governor Hosted Trump’s Rally And Now He Has Coronavirus

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt hosted Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa and confirmed that he has tested positive for coronavirus.

The news:

Without proper contact tracing, it is impossible to know for certain where the governor got the virus, but it is confirmed that people who were working the rally for both the White House and the Trump campaign have tested positive, so while it is possible that Stitt could have gotten the virus elsewhere. There is a good possibility that he was exposed at Trump’s rally.

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain attended Trump’s rally in Tulsa and later tested positive for the virus.

It is almost like health experts knew what they were doing when they begged Trump to cancel the rally because it would spread the virus and make more people sick.

Trump wouldn’t listen. He wouldn’t follow his own administration’s health guidelines, and now people who were at the rally keep getting sick.

The virus denying Republican death cult keeps being reminded that not only is the coronavirus real, but also that following the lead of Donald Trump is a great way to get sick.

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