Trump Gave Peter Navarro Approval To Attack Fauci

It is being reported that Peter Navarro got approval from Trump for his op-ed attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The White House tried to disavow the Navarro op-ed:

Maggie Haberman pointed out:

After years of this behavior from Trump, here are the mechanics of how it likely happened. Trump gave Navarro approval to write the op-ed attacking Fauci. Trump went around the rest of his staff so that they had no idea about the Navarro op-ed. The White House claims that Navarro doesn’t speak for them. Trump claims that he knew nothing about it. Navarro publicly is hung out on a limb by himself, while privately winning points with Trump.

Fauci was right. Trump is only hurting himself with the smear campaign. Trump isn’t going to discredit Fauci, but he is proving that he is unfit to lead the country, and the nation has no hope of overcoming the pandemic as long as he is in the White House.

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