Trump Is Stalling On Turning His Tax Returns Over To The Manhattan DA

The Supreme Court ruled that Trump had to turn over his tax returns to the Manhattan DA, so the president is stalling in handing over the records.

Via The New York Times:

Days after the U.S. Supreme Court delivered a defeat to President Trump, clearing the way for the Manhattan district attorney to seek his tax returns, his lawyers on Wednesday renewed their efforts to block or at least narrow access to the records.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers wrote to the federal judge in Manhattan who originally presided over the case, saying they planned to argue that the district attorney’s subpoena was too broad and politically motivated.

The recent Supreme Court decision struck down the president’s previous argument that he could not be criminally investigated. In the new filing, Mr. Trump’s lawyers noted that the decision allowed him to raise other objections: that the subpoena “is motivated by a desire to harass or is conducted in bad faith,” and that it would impede his constitutional duties.

All of the arguments that Trump’s lawyers are making have already been dealt with. Trump is trying to run out the clock and get through the presidential election without turning over his tax returns. DA Cyrus Vance has been trying to get Trump’s financial records for more than a year.

While Trump is thinking about the presidential election, there is now something much larger at stake. If Trump loses the election, he will be withholding his tax returns in a bid to avoid a criminal indictment.

Trump isn’t just trying to win an election. He is also trying to stay out of prison.

Donald Trump can stall, but the records will be turned over, and he will likely be indicted for lying on loan applications.