Disaster For Trump As Judge Speeds Up NY Case For His Tax Returns

The judge sped up the timeline for Trump to turn over his tax returns after his stalling tactics were rejected during a Thursday hearing.

Trump’s lawyers showed up unprepared and many of the same arguments that were already rejected.

Jennifer Taub tweeted the bottom line:

Neal Katyal tweeted that the hearing is moving quickly:

Trump’s whole gameplan has been to drag out the Manhattan DA’s subpoena through endless litigation that he thought would allow him to run out the clock and get through the presidential election, but that is not what is happening.

The President is losing at light speed. It is very possible that not only will DA Vance has his tax returns before the election, but also Trump and members of his family could be indicted for lying on business and loan documents in the middle of the presidential election.

The Supreme Court decision has turned a snowball into an avalanche as the odds are growing the Donald Trump could be criminally indicted.

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