Senate Republicans Dig Trump’s Grave With Hunter Biden Probe

Senate Republicans are getting desperate and trying to investigate Hunter Biden, which could backfire into an investigation of Trump’s kids.

Politico reports:

A Senate committee is eyeing subpoenas for current and former advisers to Joe Biden as part of an investigation into the former vice president’s son, an escalation of GOP scrutiny of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and his family.


The subpoenas could be authorized as soon as Wednesday, when the committee holds its next business meeting. The current agenda does not list actions related to the Burisma investigation, though that could change.

In the middle of a pandemic and an economic collapse, Senate Republicans are still trying to turn the debunked Burisma conspiracy theory into a thing.

The Senate “investigation” could backfire as House Democrats have threatened to investigate Trump’s kids if Republicans go through with their Burisma silliness. Ivanka Trump has been specifically mentioned by Democrats as a Trump child who has plenty of activities that deserve investigation

, and unlike Hunter Biden, Ivanka Trump is working in the White House.

Trump’s kids have way more to hide than Hunter Biden, and they also have a DA in Manhattan who investigating the family business that are all involved with.

If Republicans push forward with their Burisma investigation, they will not only lose the Senate, but they will get Trump’s kids investigated.

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