Chris Wallace Just Embarrassed And Exposed Trump On Fox

Trump claimed that Biden wants to defund the police. Chris Wallace fact-checked him, so Trump tried to prove it, and it did not end well for Trump.

Trump claimed that Joe Biden wants to defund the police.

Chris Wallace said, “No, he doesn’t, sir. He does not.”

Trump continued, “Look, he signed a charter with Bernie Sanders.”

Wallace with the facts, “And it says nothing about defunding the police.”

Trump then demanded the charter, “Oh, really? Get me the charter, please.”

Wallace then told the rest of the story, “So that led to a very interesting exchange where he had his staff go out and get the highlights from that hundred-page compact that the Biden team and the Sanders team had signed, and we through it, and he found a lot of things that he objected to that Biden agreed to, but he couldn’t find any indication, because there isn’t any that Joe Biden has sought to defund and abolish the police.”


Trump has never read the hundred-page compact between Biden and Sanders, but he thinks that Joe Biden wants to defund the police, even though Biden has gone on the record saying that he supports policing reform, but not defunding the police.
Donald Trump embarrassed himself on his favorite network because he has no idea what’s real and what isn’t. Trump’s comments were also part of his brainless reelection strategy to turn Joe Biden into Bernie Sanders.

Trump can’t even make it through a Fox News Sunday interview without disgracing himself, as he is nothing more than a flailing pool of embarrassment that smeared across the entire nation.

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