Lindsey Graham Hits A New Low By Supporting Trump’s Illegal Abduction Of Protesters


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced that he fully supports Trump’s illegal abduction and detention of US protesters.

Graham tweeted:


Graham’s description doesn’t match reality. There aren’t riots in the streets. Protesters are being abducted off of the streets by Customs and Border Patrol agents in Portland and having their due process rights violated.

If Sen. Graham thinks that this conduct is fine, he should have a talk with the Oregon US Attorney who has called for an investigation into the conduct of the unwanted federal presence in Portland. Trump is engaging in illegal activity and trashing the Constitution, but Lindsey Graham is so worried about his own reelection in South Carolina that he is going all the way down the violate the law and trash the Constitution rabbit hole with Trump.

Graham’s tweets make it clear that getting rid of Trump isn’t enough. In November, voters also have to clean out the Senate and send all of Trump’s enablers packing as well.

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