Trump Tells Everyone To Wear A Mask In Racist Tweet


With his poll numbers in the dumpster, Donald Trump has reversed course and told his supporters that it is patriotic to wear a mask.

Trump tweeted:


Of course, Trump couldn’t leave it at telling people to wear a mask. He also had to throw in a dose of racism by calling the coronavirus the China virus. His desperation to find someone or something to blame for his failure on the pandemic seeps out at all times.

It is not a coincidence that Trump has reversed himself on wearing a mask. His poll numbers are cratering. The American people don’t trust the information that he is providing them.

Trump is trying to save his reelection campaign by hopping on the mask bandwagon, which he should have done five months ago.

Americans should always pay attention to what Trump does, not what he says. Trump has worn a mask once in public. If he tells people to wear a mask but continues to refuse to wear one himself, it will be just more flailing rhetoric from a failing president.

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