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CNN cuts off Trump campaign intervew

CNN Cuts Off Trump Spokesman When He Pushes Hydroxychloroquine

CNN cut off an interview with Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh after he started pushing the coronavirus patient killing drug hydroxychloroquine. Brianna Keilar first told Murtaugh that he was lying when he tried to blame the lack of masks on Obama and Biden: “You’re lying”🔥 @brikeilarcnn live fact-checks Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh pic.twitter.com/obfZ7KQU59…


Joe Biden: Trump’s Islamophobia “Weakens Our Standing in the World”

Joe Biden has slammed Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies, saying he’ll reverse the Muslim travel ban on his first day in office. He accused the President of appointing Islamophobic people to high office. The presumptive Democrat nominee made the remarks at Emgage Action’s virtual Million Muslim Votes Summit on Monday. He made an obvious…

Vindman impeachment testimony Trump Ukraine call

House Committees Urge Defense Department IG to Investigate Political Retaliation Against Alexander Vindman

Two major congressional committees have called on the Department of Defense Inspector General to investigate political retaliation against impeachment witness Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman. The House Oversight and Reform and Intelligence Committees, along with the Oversight and Reform Committee’s Subcommittee on National Security, wrote a letter to the DOD Inspector General calling for an inquiry,…


Schiff: Intelligence Suggests Nations Are Targeting Congress with Disinformation to Influence Election

Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, says intelligence suggests that multiple nations are targeting Congress with disinformation in their efforts to influence this year’s general election. The “underlying information” is classified, Schiff said during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “Now we have the same concern that, once again, a foreign…


Political Analyst John Heilemann: Trump Sending the Feds to Portland Is “Trial Run” for Stealing the Election

John Heilemann issued a stark warning on Tuesday about Donald Trump sending federal agents into Portland. He sees it as the first step in undermining the November election. The MSNBC political analyst spoke to Morning Joe about his concerns as the President threatens to send federal law enforcement to a slew of Democrat-led cities. “I don’t want…


Trump Claims Mail-In Voting Will Lead to “Most Corrupt Election” in History

In a tweet earlier this morning, President Donald Trump claimed mail-in voting would lead to the “most corrupt election” in American history. “Mail-In Voting, unless changed by the courts, will lead to the most CORRUPT ELECTION in our Nation’s History!” he wrote, finishing off his message with the hashtag #RIGGEDELECTION. Mail-In Voting, unless changed by…


Republican Senator Tom Cotton Compares Portland Protesters to Confederate Traitors

Tom Cotton compared protesters to the traitors who rebelled against the United States and formed the Confederacy on Tuesday. The comments come as the President threatens to deploy federal officers to cities. The Republican spoke to Fox News about ongoing protests following the death of George Floyd. The Arkansas senator compared recent events to the…


Conservative Columnist George Will Says He’ll Vote for Biden, Predicts “Decisive Victory”

George Will has said he’ll vote for Joe Biden in November. The well-known conservative columnist also believes the presumptive Democratic nominee will win. This will be the first time Will has ever voted for a Democratic presidential candidate, as his pro-Republican credentials will show. He’s the latest high-profile conservative to opt for Biden. “I’m a…

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