CNN Cuts Off Trump Spokesman When He Pushes Hydroxychloroquine

CNN cut off an interview with Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh after he started pushing the coronavirus patient killing drug hydroxychloroquine.

Brianna Keilar first told Murtaugh that he was lying when he tried to blame the lack of masks on Obama and Biden:

Later, she cut off the interview when the Trump campaign spokesman started pushing hydroxychloroquine:

Keilar told Murtaugh that he was doing a disservice to the country, warned viewers that hydroxychloroquine was dangerous and nothing to mess with, and then she interviewed a doctor who called Murtaugh’s statements irresponsible.

One of the biggest problems that the Trump campaign is experiencing is that the media isn’t playing along this time. Trump and his campaign aren’t getting unfettered airtime to lie to voters. When Trump’s campaign spokesman tried to endanger the lives of viewers, CNN cut off the interview and had a doctor on to refute the lies.

The Fox News Sunday interview was a total disaster for Trump because Chris Wallace fact-checked him, and CNN cut off an interview when the Trump campaign lied and tried to spread dangerous misinformation on the air.

This isn’t 2016 anymore, and Trump hasn’t adjusted to the new reality.

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