Putin Is Running The Republican Senate Investigation Into Biden

Sen. Ron Johnson is being given propaganda and misinformation from pro-Putin Ukrainians that he is using in his investigation of the Bidens.

NBC News reported:

The Republican-controlled Senate acquitted Trump of the charges, and allies including Johnson have vowed to press forward with investigations into the Bidens’ connections to Ukraine. Johnson has asked several former State Department officials to testify and could issue subpoenas as soon as this week if they refuse to voluntarily appear.

In recent media reports, pro-Russian Ukrainians said they’ve passed materials to the committee.

A committee staffer told NBC News it is “false” the committee has received any “oppo,” or opposition research, without responding directly to whether that covers any materials from foreign sources.

Sen. Johnson is trying to revive the debunked Burisma scandal, and he is using his position in the Senate to try to shine up a conspiracy theory as legitimate.

Johnson’s office didn’t deny that he was accepting information from foreign sources. Opposition research is not the same as getting Russian propaganda from Putin that Johnson and the Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee can use in an effort to smear Biden.

The Russians aren’t just using social media to interfere in the presidential election. They now have willing assets like Sen. Ron Johnson who are happy to do Putin and Trump’s bidding for them.

Ron Johnson should be under investigation, not conducting investigations into anyone.

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