Republicans Are Destroying Trump By Refusing To Pass More Virus Relief

Senate Republicans are refusing to pass more aid to the American people during the pandemic and it is costing Donald Trump.

Manu Raju had this quote from Sen. Ron Johnson:

Mitch McConnell is refusing to pass a bill unless big corporations get liability protection from being sued by their employees during the pandemic:

Donald Trump needs another pandemic relief bill passed right now. Contrary to the folk tales coming out of the White House and the Republican Party, the economy isn’t going to bounce back on its own.

Trump and his party are running out of time. If Republicans don’t pass a bill in the next three weeks, it will be too late to pass and implement any large scale relief package before the election. Republicans think that they are playing to their base by pushing the fantasy that the economy will come back on its own, but all that they are doing is getting themselves and Trump voted out of office in November.

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