Trump Proclaims Himself The Best President For Black Americans In History

Trump proclaimed himself the president who has done more for Black Americans than any other president outside of maybe Lincoln.

Trump said:

We did criminal justice reform. We passed criminal justice reform. Something Obama and Biden were unable to do. We did opportunity cities. We did the greatest if you look at opportunity Zones, nobody has ever even thought of a plan like that. Prior to the China plague coming in, floating in, coming into our country and really doing terrible things all over the world, we had the best African-American, Hispanic American, Asian-American, almost every group was the best for unemployment. The unemployment numbers were the best.

So you look at employment, opportunity Zones, and maybe most importantly, you look at criminal justice reform. Prison reform. I’ve done things that nobody else. And I’ve said this. I say it openly and not a lot of people dispute it. I’ve done more for black Americans than anybody with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln. Nobody has even been close. Thank you very much, everybody.


Trump has made similar claims before, but they seem to be growing. Trump used to concede that he was the best outside of Lincoln, but now he seems to think that he has overtaken Lincoln.

Trump seems to believe that the crashed economy and pandemic that has ripped through African-American communities are great achievements. Donald Trump has not been a good president for anyone outside of rich white people, but he has convinced himself that he is right up there with or better than Abe Lincoln.

Trump isn’t Lincoln, and African-Americans are going to vote for Joe Biden in overwhelming numbers in November.

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