Florida Gut Punches Trump As Biden Opens Up 13 Point Lead

A new poll of Florida showed Trump collapsing in his new home state as the coronavirus outbreak has destroyed Trump’s numbers.

Via: Quinnipiac University:

In the race for the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden opens up a big lead over President Trump. Voters back Biden 51 – 38 percent over Trump. In an April 22nd poll, it was close with Biden at 46 percent and Trump at 42 percent.

Democrats back Biden 89 – 2 percent, independents back Biden 48 – 32 percent, compared to 44 – 37 percent in April, and Republicans back Trump 88 – 10 percent.

In five direct matchups, the President scores his best numbers on the economy, while Biden holds wide leads on handling a crisis, health care, response to the coronavirus, and addressing racial inequality.

Asked who would do a better job handling …

The Economy: Trump 50 percent, Biden 47 percent.

A Crisis: Biden 55 percent, Trump 42 percent.

Health Care: Biden 57 percent, Trump 39 percent.

Response to the Coronavirus: Biden 58 percent, Trump 38 percent.

Addressing Racial Inequality: Biden 58 percent, Trump 35 percent.

The Florida poll is a direct result of the coronavirus tearing through the state, and Trump’s poor response to the crisis. It would be a shock if Joe Biden won Florida by 13 points, but Trump didn’t restart the coronavirus briefings because he had a lot to say. The briefings are back because Trump is getting pummeled in places like Florida.

Biden could win Florida. Obama won Florida, and the Sunshine State is least predictable of all of the swing states. The margin is an indication of the level of dissatisfaction with Trump. The polls weren’t wrong in 2016. It was a fluke election that the Russians helped Trump win.

The polls should tell Democrats to work even harder. They have Trump on the ropes, but they need to not let up until Election Day.

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