Trump Cracks Up And Rants About Baseball When Asked If He Reopened The Country Too Fast


Trump was asked if he pushed too far too fast to reopen the country, and he responded by ranting about baseball and the Yankees.

Trump said:

Well, baseball is an example. We were discussing it. You’ll be at an empty stadium. I agree, Randy Levin is with the Yankees. He asked me to throw out the first pitch. I think I’m doing that August 15th at Yankee stadium. How is the crowd going to be? And you know, it is like, you don’t have a crowd. There is no such thing. It will be interesting, Mariano. He’s not used to that. I’ve been many places, the crowd goes crazy. I think it will be just as good without the crowd. Some people are born with it. I don’t think. This is only for the baseball players but I’ve never seen a pitcher throw a ball where so many bats were broken as Mariano. How do you do that? He said great parents when you get right down to it. How do you do that? It’s called parents.


Yeah. Just to finish, I think that we have to all set examples. I think major league baseball is setting an example by playing to empty stadiums and so are other sports. Then they’ll allow a certain number in. I see golf soon will be allowing people to come in in percentages and all of a sudden we want to get back to normal. The key is to get back to normal. Nobody wants to see this. I think it is really good that baseball is opening. It looks like football is opening. It looks like sports are opening. We have, it’s a tremendous thing psychologically for our country, and we’re all, we’re going to see now some beautiful young little leaguers outside with a great future ahead of them.


Trump didn’t want to talk about how he screwed up the entire pandemic, so the country was treated to a rant about sports and baseball. Trump never answered the question. His rant was a dodge. Of course, the country is in the mess that it is currently in because Donald Trump never led nationally on the pandemic and he pushed to reopen too soon.

Trump’s bad judgment is why the US is the world leader in coronavirus cases. Trump created this human tragedy, and he can’t BS his way out of it by babbling about baseball.