Texas Governor Admits He Is Following Hannity’s Lead On Masks

The Governor of Texas has credited Sean Hannity with mask wearing in his state after the Fox News’ personality urged viewers to don a face covering to fight Coronavirus.

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Greg Abbott told Fox News’ morning program Fox & Friends on Friday that Texas was now following Hannity’s suggestion.

“What Texas has begun to do is exactly what Sean Hannity preaches every night, and that is to wear a mask,” Abbot said.

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Hannity discussed masks on his show earlier this month. He presented himself as something of an authority on the Covid-19 pandemic and then endorsed the practice.

“Alright, so I’ve been saying all along, throughout the pandemic, COVID-19, essential employees all across America, they never stopped working,” Hannity said.

“Masks, PPE, it kept them safe. And I was right here in the epicenter, and every store I went to, everybody was wearing their mask, and thankfully, at my grocery store, nobody got COVID-19.”

“So what did I learn? I don’t have a problem wearing a mask, especially if it means we can go to a ballgame, or to defend grandma, grandpa, mom and dad.”

“That’s why I choose to do it.”

However, Hannity’s Fox News colleagues have mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask and downplayed their usefulness – as had the President.

Abbot’s response to the virus has been widely criticized.

He was accused of hypocrisy when he lectured young people despite not taking public health measures, while former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke called for him to resign.

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