Kayleigh McEnany Betrays US Troops And Lies About Russian Bounties

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany refused to answer when asked if Trump stood up to Putin on placing bounties on US troops.

McEnany said, “So as you know that intelligence is unverified still to this day. There are dissenting opinions within the intel community. I won’t get into the president’s private discussions with a foreign leader. I was not on that call, but that intelligence is still unverified. Rest assured our president will always stand with our military and protect them against any and every foreign adversary.”


McEnany was asked if Trump stood up to Putin on the bounties and instead of directly answering the question, she tried to discredit the intelligence multiple times and then refused to comment. Sometimes what a government official doesn’t say is the answer.

If Trump stood up to Putin, the press secretary could have said that the bounties were discussed and that Trump defended America. By saying nothing, she said everything.

Trump didn’t defend the troops. He caved to Putin, and the lives of American troops are still at risk because compromised Trump won’t stand up to Russia.

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