Trump’s Campaign Manager Disputes President’s Slide in the Polls


President Donald Trump’s new campaign manager Bill Stepien disputed suggestions that the president is sliding in the polls. Stepien warned that the president’s opponents are placing too much stock in poll numbers.

“These trends are going to go unnoticed until election night, when we’re right and they’re wrong,” Stepien said.

Stepien said the campaign’s internal polling data tells a different story.

“We know here at our headquarters what our internal numbers say and it’s why we exude the quiet confidence in our plan and in our mission,” Stepien said.


He added: “This will be a knockdown dragout fight to the very end. I spent election night 2016, not in the hotel ballroom, but rather in election headquarters sending recount lawyers to states because the races were so tight in so many places. I expect our campaign will be doing the same exact thing in just about 100 days.”

Biden has risen in the polls as the president grapples with heated criticism about his response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed the lives of nearly 150,000 Americans nationwide.

Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll Biden an 8-point lead over Trump. 46 percent said they would back the Democratic candidate compared to 38 percent who said they’d vote for the incumbent. The remaining 16 percent say they’re undecided over who to pick. Some indicated they might vote for a third-party candidate. Others indicated they might not vote at all.

Biden also holds a decisive lead over Trump among registered voters, with 61 percent said they would choose Biden over Trump if they had to choose between the two.

The Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opinion Research poll, a favorite of the president’s, found Biden is leading Trump by four points among likely voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio, two states he won in 2016. In the former state, Biden leads Trump 47 percent to 43 percent. In the latter, Biden leads Trump 48 percent to 45 percent. Rasmussen polls have been noted to skew heavily toward Republicans, which makes these findings even more troubling for the president.