The Trump Campaign Is Losing Its Mind Over Polls Showing A Biden Blue Wave


Donald Trump’s campaign appears to be in a panic over a slew of recent polls showing Joe Biden expanding his lead nationally and in a swath of key battleground states.

According to Dave Catanese of McClatchy, the Trump campaign team presented a slideshow to reporters explaining that the polls are skewed and 2020 will turn out just like 2016.

The presentation attacked more than a dozen polls released in recent weeks, claiming they’re “undersampling” GOP turnout.


CNN’s Harry Enten blows a hole in this argument, however, pointing out that “current polls have the same relative partisan makeup as earlier this year when the race was tighter and as the accurate final national 2016 polls.”

Nate Cohn of the New York Times also pointed out on Saturday that recent NY Times/Siena polls were actually better for the GOP than 2016 exits polls.

In other words, Biden’s increasing lead over Trump isn’t the result of a Democratic-leaning sampling change on the part of pollsters. It’s simply a reflection of voters abandoning the president.

This is what a losing campaign looks like

Regardless of whether Joe Biden’s current polling lead holds over the next 100 days, the Trump campaign is behaving like an operation that knows its headed toward defeat.

In the same way that innocent men don’t brazenly obstruct investigations, winning campaigns don’t devote time and resources to whining about public opinion polls – especially to the extent that Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien did on Friday.

To be sure, there are still over 100 days until the presidential election. As we’ve seen throughout this year, events are moving rapidly. There is still plenty of time for the campaign to be upended by another major news development.

But this campaign is entering its final phase. At the moment, Biden’s advantage is clearer and stronger than Hillary Clinton’s appeared to be four years ago.

No matter how much Donald Trump and his flailing campaign wish it to be true,  2016 is not 2020 and Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton.

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