Correction: Hurricane Hanna Did Not Knock Down Border Wall

Update: An AP fact check found the video to not be of Hurricane Hanna

Original Story:

A section of the border wall that Trump has spent nearly four years bragging about was knocked down by Hurricane Hanna.


Trump’s border wall has had a lot of problems. A section of the border wall fell over in California when it was hit by a strong breeze. Smugglers were able to saw through Trump’s border wall in minutes with tools that they bought at the hardware store. The lack of effectiveness of the wall was driven home when smugglers sawed through the wall in San Diego eighteen times in one month.

Trump illegally stole funds that were congressionally appropriated to the military to pay for the construction of the wall, and all that taxpayers have gotten for their money is another flimsy Trump con that just like the man himself is impractical, unnecessary, and ineffective.

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