Trump Melts Down And Demands Pennsylvania Not Vote For Biden

Trump is crumbling at a rapid rate and now demanding that Pennsylvania voters do not vote for Joe Biden in November.

Trump tweeted:

Here is what Donald Trump has done for Pennsylvania. He has nearly tripled the unemployment rate in the state. He has unleashed a deadly pandemic. His lack of leadership has made the spread of the coronavirus worse as his supporters refuse to follow basic health and safety guidelines.

Joe Biden is from Scranton, PA. He has spent years both as vice president and during the Trump administration visiting Pennsylvania. Biden understands more about the needs and concerns of Pennsylvanians that Trump is capable of even hearing about.

Pennsylvania is a moderate state that likes moderate politicians. Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey are the opposite of progressive firebrands, and they are the two politicians elected in the state. If things hold in their current pattern, a majority of Pennsylvanians are likely going to vote for Joe Biden, and no amount of Twitter demands from Trump will change their minds.

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