Trump Throws A Sunday Tantrum And Accuses Media Of Biden Cover-Up

Trump threw a Sunday tantrum and claimed that the media is conspiring against him and running a cover-up operation for Joe Biden.

Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump is angry because the media isn’t doing his dirty work, as they did in 2016 and attacking Joe Biden. There is no media cover-up or conspiracy against Trump. What is happening is that the coronavirus has put Trump and his behavior front and center.

The President is frustrated because he can’t change the subject and make the election a referendum on Joe Biden, as he was able to do with Hillary Clinton. This election is going to be precisely what the Trump campaign didn’t want. A referendum on Trump’s performance as President.

Trump’s attacks on Biden have flopped. His revival of the coronavirus briefings has backfired and given his critics more ammunition for ads.

The President tried to make the election about cognitive abilities, but has now spent weeks defending his own mental states and whether or not he is “all there.”

Trump is an anchor, and with 100 days until Election Day, he is sinking the Republican Party.

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