Barr Admits He’s Using The DOJ To Help Trump’s Reelection Campaign

Barr admitted that he discusses Trump’s reelection campaign with the president, and wouldn’t say if the deployment of federal law enforcement to cities was discussed.

The exchange:

Nadler: I didn’t ask that. I asked if you discussed that — I’m a member of the cabinet and there’s an election going on. Obviously the topic comes up.

Nadler: So yes.

Barr: The topic comes up in cabinet meetings and other things. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the topic —

Nadler: I didn’t say I was surprised. I asked if you had done that. As part of those conversations with the president or his people about the re-election campaign, have you ever discussed the current or future deployment of federal law enforcement?

Barr: In connection with what?

Nadler: In connection with what you just said. In connection with your discussions with the president or with other people around him of his re-election campaign, have you discussed the current or future deployment of federal law enforcement?

Barr: As I say, I’m not going to get into my discussions with the president. But I’ve made it clear that I would like to pick the cities based on law enforcement need and based on neutral criteria.

Nadler: You can’t tell me whether or not —

Barr: I’m not going to discuss what I discussed with the president.


The DOJ under Barr is now an arm of Trump’s reelection campaign. Republicans are trying to play up the myth that American cities are burning from coast to coast, but Barr and his party are actually trying to create a campaign of mass fear to distract the country from the pandemic and the destruction of civil liberties that are ongoing under the Trump administration.