Mitch McConnell Says No More Pandemic Aid Unless Corporations Are Allowed To Make Their Workers Sick


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) vowed that no bill will be voted on by the Senate unless corporations are given pandemic liability protections.

McConnell said:


Mitch McConnell is demanding that corporations be given the power to force workers back to work in unsafe work environments. If employees get sick from a company not following basic safety guidelines, the Senate Majority Leader wants to make it difficult to nearly impossible for workers to sue. If an employee would refuse to return to unsafe working conditions, they would be fired, and not qualify for unemployment.

Sen. McConnell has always put corporations ahead of people, but voters are going to make him and his party pay if he blocks needed pandemic relief because he doesn’t want corporations to be sued for making their workers sick.

House Democrats acted months ago by passing the HEROES Act, so this isn’t partisan infighting or gridlock. Senate Republicans are refusing to protect workers and provide aid at the level that is needed.

The endgame for Republicans is to force workers back to work in potentially unsafe conditions, and hope the economy is good enough to save Trump and the GOP Senate majority, but forcing voters back to work in unsafe conditions may get them all voted out of office.

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