Susan Collins Is Losing In Maine As Anchor Trump Drags Her Down

A new Colby College Poll of Maine shows Joe Biden beating Trump, 50%-38%, and state House Speaker Sara Gideon beating Sen. Susan Collins 44%-39%.

Sen. Collins has an approval rating problem in Maine as just 42% of respondents give her a favorable rating and 51% rate her unfavorable. Her Democratic challenger Sara Gideon has a favorable rating of 46% and an unfavorable rating of 36%.

It appears that Collins made a massive strategic error when she joined herself at the hip to Trump. The President’s unfavorable rating in Maine is 59%. His favorable rating is 35%. Former Vice President Joe Biden has a 51% favorable rating, and 44% unfavorable rating. Biden leads Trump 50%-38 in the state.

Collins’s image has totally shifted as her moderate mask has crumbled. Forty-six percent of voters said that Collins usually sides with Republicans, but she is also somewhat independent-minded, and 39% said that Collins usually sides with Republicans, and is not independent-minded. Just 15% of voters said that Collins is independent-minded and not tied to either party.

A five-point lead is by no means insurmountable for Collins, but she is grave danger of losing her seat in November. Trump is clearly an anchor around the neck of Collins. When Collins sold out her independence by voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh and to acquit Trump during the impeachment trial.

The Trump campaign once thought they could pick up Maine after a narrow defeat there to Clinton in 2016, but with 98 days before Election Day those hopes are fading fast, and instead of flipping the state, Trump might cost Susan Collins her Senate seat in November.

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