Biden: Trump Is “Trying to Scare the Devil Out of the American People”

Joe Biden has slammed the Trump campaign’s recent ads depicting a country in chaos and attacking him for wanting to defund the police and being soft on crime.

The former Vice President accused President Donald Trump of stoking people’s fears as part of his “law and order” campaign pitch. For his part, Biden has not called for defunding police.

The presumptive Democratic nominee attacked the ads during an event in Delaware.

“You see some of the ads,” Biden said. “You see cities burning, ‘call 911.’ They have my picture in the background.”

“‘If it’s a rape, dial 1, if it’s anything else it’s going to take seven days.’ Come on.”

“That is all about trying to come up with a bizarre ‘law and order’ 2020 campaign thing to try to scare the devil out of the American people.”

Biden went on to say he’d rely on local law enforcement to deal with violence, though most protests have been peaceful and local leaders have accused federal agents of inflaming tensions.

“I’d be using local police as we did when we were in office when there were riots and there [was] federal property at stake,” Biden said.

“We were able to take care of that … by the use of local police.”

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