Louie Gohmert Exposed William Barr To The Coronavirus

Attorney General Barr didn’t wear a mask when he testified before Congress and was exposed to the virus by Rep. Louie Gohmert.

Video of Barr and Gohmert yesterday:

A DOJ spokesperson announced that Barr will be tested today:

Barr and Gohmert weren’t the only Republicans not wearing masks at the Judiciary Committee hearing. Most of the Republicans refused to wear masks, so Gohmert exposed virtually every Republican House Judiciary Committee member, including ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to the virus.

Through their reckless behavior, Republicans, including the Attorney General of the United States, are spreading the virus and endangering lives.

Gohmert announced that he tested positive for the virus, and given the behavior of the Republicans at Tuesday’s hearing, he won’t be the only one to get the virus.

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