Pelosi Announces Mandatory Mask Policy For The House Floor


Speaker Pelosi told her members that she would be introducing a mandatory mask policy for the House floor after Louie Gohmert tested positive for the virus.

Manu Raju reported:


Even after Gohmert tested positive, some Republicans like Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), are still not wearing masks on the House floor and in hearings. House Republicans will run to Fox News and cry a river about how Pelosi has violated their freedom by making them follow basic health and safety guidelines.

The coronavirus doesn’t care if you are a member of Congress or how much you won your district by in the last election. It could easily spread through Congress just as it is spreading through the rest of the country.

Speaker Pelosi is doing the right thing, and now it is a matter of time until we see how many people Louie Gohmert and his non-mask wearing colleagues infected.

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