Pelosi Will Have Republicans Who Refuse To Wear Masks Kicked Out

As part of the new mandatory mask policy in the House, Speaker Pelosi can have Republicans who refuse to wear a mask removed.

Chad Pergram tweeted:

The Speaker’s mandatory mask policy covers everyone and came about because Rep. Gohmert refused to wear a mask and has now tested positive for the virus.

It is almost a certainty that some House Republican or several will try to test the policy in the hopes that they will be removed then they can go on Fox News and cry about how their freedoms are being violated and they are being persecuted by the evil Democrats who are trying to keep them and others safe by requiring masks.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t messing around. Wearing a mask isn’t a political choice. It is a matter of keeping people who work in close quarters safe. Republicans will throw fits, but the mask policy was only necessary because they refused to do the smart and responsible thing on their own voluntarily.

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