Trump Self-Destructs And Attacks CNN And MSNBC While Defending Hydroxychloroquine

Trump was offered the chance to walk back his praise for hydroxychloroquine, but instead, he defended the dangerous drug and attacked CNN and MSNBC.


Transcript via the White House:

Q Stella Immanuel, the doctor — do you wish you had not retweeted that?

THE PRESIDENT: I was very impressed with her and other doctors that stood with her. I think she made sense, but I know nothing about her. I just saw her on — you know, making a statement with very respected doctors. She was not alone. She was making a statement about hydroxychloroquine with other doctors that swear by it. They think it’s great. So she was not alone.

Fake news CNN made it like, “Oh, I said this, I said that.” She was with a whole group of people. And you ought to tell your network the reason their ratings are so bad is because the coverage is so false. If CNN would be honest — and that goes for MSDNC also. But your network is so dishonest in its coverage on just about everything, and there’s an example.

I was very impressed by her. Know nothing about her; I had never seen her before. But certainly you can put her up and let her have a voice. So what they did is they took down their voice. Now, they seem to never take down the other side. They only take down conservative voices. It’s a shame.

And with hydroxy, all I want to do is save lives. I don’t care if it’s hydroxy or anything else. All I want to do is save lives. If we can save lives, that’s great.

Now, one thing: We’re doing very well on vaccines and very well on therapeutics. So that’s very important. But I happen to be a believer in hydroxy. I used it. I had no problem. I happen to be a believer. Many, many people agree with me. A great test just came out from the Ford clinic in Michigan — very respected. We’ll see how it is.

Hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous drug. Trump’s own health officials have advised that it not be prescribed, but the President continues to push a drug that can kill Americans.

Trump is his own worst enemy and his inability to behave like a normal human being for even a moment is why he is on pace to lose the presidential election. It doesn’t matter what message the White House or the Trump campaign comes up, Trump will go his own way, and when it comes to the pandemic, he is opening his mouth and shooting himself in the foot.

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