Trump Goes Full Cognitive Decline During Bumbling Campaign Speech In Battleground Texas

Donald Trump jetted out to Texas on Wednesday to deliver remarks on his administration’s energy policy as polls show the state is a legitimate toss-up with three months until Election Day.

What was supposed to be a speech bragging about his commitment to dirty fossil fuels quickly turned into another episode of Trump’s apparent cognitive decline.

The sweating president appeared to glitch multiple times throughout his speech, mispronouncing cities and years and at one point going off on a tangent about cows.

Here’s Trump fumbling right past the word Minneapolis:

When Trump tried to attack efforts to bring down carbon emissions by 2030, he mistakenly referred to the year as 230.

During a shout-out to Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn on military spending, Trump completely short-circuited but played it off as though it was intentional.

And, of course, Trump stumbled into a bizarre tangent about disappearing cows.

“What have they done with cows?” the president asked. “Remember, there were gonna be no more cows and no more cattle?”

This is why Trump’s baseless attacks on Biden fall flat

The president and his allies frequently lob baseless attacks at Joe Biden whenever he has a verbal miscue – even suggesting that the former vice president is suffering from dementia – but speeches like this are a good example of why those charges don’t stick to Biden.

Virtually every time Trump is in front of a microphone, he demonstrates that he’s not all there, intellectually or mentally. In recent weeks, his constant boasts about how well he performed on a simple cognitive test have only raised more questions about his state of mind.

To be sure, Joe Biden has been known to make occasional gaffes throughout his decades in the public spotlight – but those verbal stumbles are nothing compared to Donald Trump’s constant brain glitches and stream-of-consciousness rambles.

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