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Biden Blasts McConnell for Playing Games With COVID-19 Aid

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:06 pm

The coronavirus has had an extremely negative affect on the U.S. economy. And the damage caused by the virus has yet to come to an end. On Thursday, the American GDP dropped to 32.9%, the worst rate in the country’s history.

The unemployment rate has continued to rise and many other Americans are working under a reduced salary. Still, Republicans in the Senate have not been willing to do what it takes to help workers hurt by the economic dip. On Thursday, Joe Biden ripped Mitch McConnell for his resistance to help these workers.

The presumptive Democratic candidate made the comments today during an online talk with the American Federation of Teachers. “Trump and McConnell have to stop playing political games with the HEROES Act, which will allow billions of dollars to go to state and local governments,” said Biden.

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The former Vice President also spoke about issues that American teachers are dealing with. He told the organizations members that money in the Heroes Act was earmarked towards making it easier for schools to open safely in the fall.

Biden continued on Trump, noting that the President is still making it difficult for the country to reopen safely.

We saw this challenge coming,” he continued. “We’ve been calling for the president to address this as early as January, but Donald Trump failed to take any action on testing and tracing and anything we need to get this under control.”

Biden and Trump will hold their first debate at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University during the month of September.

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