CNN’s Collins: Trump’s Voting by Mail Claims Could Depress Republican Turnout

Donald Trump has spent much of this year’s election period railing against voting by mail. He’s taken this tact despite the fact that he, William Barr and Kayleigh McEnany have all taken advantage of the voting method.

This morning, the President floated the idea of delaying the election until the COVID-19 pandemic dissipates. CNN’s Kaitlin Collins is now reporting that Trump’s claims could backfire and end up depressing Republican voter turnout.

Collins made the comments on Wolf Blitzer’s nightly show. She told the host, “It sounds like he’s heard that reaction on Capitol Hill from people that are normally his allies, being pretty blunt, saying that’s not going to happen, the election is going to happen November 3rd.”

The reporter continued:

“When he was asked to explain that tweet that he sent this morning, he started to talk on having to wait to find out who won the election, if there is mail-in voting, talking how long it would take to tally votes, go through ballots. That’s the argument he stayed on as he talked with reporters, instead of defending his tweets.”

Collins closed her segment by saying, “He is trying to sow doubt on mail-in voting, even though more officials are turning to that in case the pandemic is raging like it is now. It makes me think of Republicans that say they fear the president will sow so much doubt that when that does happen, it hurts Republican turnout because it is not as many Republican voters sending in a mail-in ballot.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: