Critics Pile on Trump for Floating Election Delay: “He Knows He’s Going to Lose”

Donald Trump’s suggestion that the election should be postponed was immediately met with outrage, mockery and dismissal on Thursday from politicians, journalists and commentators.

The President mused about delaying November’s election – presumably the presidential ballot – due to what he asserted was rampant voter fraud in mail-in ballots.

Democratic Senator and possible vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris saw Trump’s tweet as evidence of his state of mind and inevitable defeat in the polls.

Donald Trump is terrified. He knows he’s going to lose to Joe Biden,” Harris said.

“It will require every single one of us to make that happen. We will see you at the ballot box on November 3rd, Donald Trump.”

Conservative Trump opponent Rick Wilson challenged Republican officials to say whether they supported an election postponement. He mocked them in advance for refusing to say.

“Every GOP official should be put on the record on this today. Simple yes or no answer. ‘Should we delay the election?'” Wilson tweeted.

“Watch how many of them say, ‘What is Twitter?’ ‘Donald Who?’ ‘I haven’t seen the tweet.’ ‘Ya ne govoryu po angliyski.” I’m late for lunch.'”

The Lincoln Project also accused Trump of knowing he can’t win.

“The president knows he can’t win from a free and fair election,” their official account tweeted.

“Because the GDP is tanking, coronavirus is out of control, and Americans are pissed. His only options? Delay, defraud, distract.”

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