Polls: Biden Continues to Lead Trump in Swing States


Democrat Joe Biden continues to lead President Donald Trump in two crucial swing states.

Biden leads Trump by nine points in the swing state of Pennsylvania, according to the latest Franklin and Marshall College poll. 55 percent of Biden’s supporters in Pennsylvania saying they are voting against Trump. 78 percent of Trump supporters say they are voting for Trump because they support him and not because they’re voting against Biden.

95 percent of liberals said they plan to vote for Biden and 86 percent of conservatives said they plan to vote for Trump. Among moderates, Biden leads Trump 63 to 22 percent.


Biden continues to enjoy a lead over Trump in Florida, according to the Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy of Jacksonville. The poll showed Biden leading 50 percent to 46 percent. Four percent of respondents said they are undecided.

Biden’s favorability rating is 45 percent (favorable) to 37 percent (unfavorable). Trump’s favorability rating is 51 percent unfavorable to 41 percent favorable.

Key findings:

  • Biden leads among independents (52 percent to 43 percent)
  • Biden leads among women (53 percent to 43 percent)
  • Biden leads among Hispanics (56 percent to 39 percent)
  • Trump leads among men (49 percent to 47 percent)
  • Trump leads among whites (57 percent to 40 percent)
  • Trump leads in North Florida, Southwest Florida and Central Florida (54 percent to 42 percent)
  • Biden leads in Tampa Bay (52 percent to 42 percent)
  • Biden leads in South Florida (65 percent to 31 percent)

Biden also leads among younger voters ages 18 to 34 (66 percent to 29 percent). He also leads among voters ages 35 to 49, while Trump leads among voters ages 50 and up.